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About Us

We believe in elevating businesses by engineering a solution that helps them forestall wait times. With our smart queue management system, we help them focusing on improving their workforce productivity and quality of service. We think that through technology we can build solutions that can combat issues of various industries. Some of the most challenging issues in those industries are customers walkaways and cart abandonment. Therefore, our queue management system aims at making the queueing process more efficient and streamlined. In addition, our smart queue management system provide a seamless and robust queue management solution to help businesses achieve high customer growth through high time and cost savings.

No more waiting lines

Online Token is one of the leading queue management system providers in India and abroad, helping organizations improve their customer flow and manage queues. Therefore, Online Token Queue Management System is designed to help businesses, public or private establishments digitize customer queues using Virtual Queuing Technology. Hence, this is extremely relevant to organizations which face long queues, high waiting time and congested facilities on a regular basis. Moreover, we help them streamline the customer experience and drive business growth. Moreover, we help them increase customer satisfaction and enrich customer experience by making them more personalized.

Online Token is a complete integrated customer flow management solution designed & conceptualized to improve your customer experience. Therefore, our queue management system is very helpful for organizations such as hospitals, banks, salons, beauty parlors, restaurants, public offices, government offices, universities and retail chain outlets. We help them streamline on-site workflows, preventing long-time waiting times and improving customer experience simply by digitizing queues. Online Token raises quality of life for both customers and establishments by helping create a smoother check-in flow.

The Ultimate Queue Management System

  • Eliminates long lines and reduce walkaways
  • Reduces customer complaints
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Utilizes customer data
  • Reduces wait times
  • Provides a positive customer experience
  • Streamlines customer service


Queue never ends in our lifetime!

To clear the queue of bottlenecks for businesses and help them reach their long-term and short-term objectives successfully.


Queue never ends in our lifetime!

To expand our business globally catering to the multifaceted Que management challenges that businesses and customers face.

Core Values

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