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Let your customers wait anywhere they want with real-time information with our smart waitlist management solution. Deliver a one of its kind futuristic customer experience that will leave your customers more than just satisfied.

Let your customers wait virtually

Give your customers the freedom to join a virtual queue from anywhere and wait remotely.


Inform them accurately of their wait times

Provide your customers with an accurate estimation of their wait time such that they are not frustrated with the endless wait and are prepared for their appointments.

Manage your customer inflow proactively

Adopt a proactive approach to managing your customer inflow through an advanced insight on queues and customers arriving in differing time slots.


Manage waitlists with AI powered dashboard

No need to look at the calendar for the booked appointments as the AI-powered OnlineToken merges appointments with real-time waitlists. Take complete control of your waitlist with an easy-to-use dashboard.


2x advantage

OnlineToken provides you with a unique solution that blends the benefits of both appointment system and waitlist.

Shows availability

depending on your customers’ position in the queue or the waitlist. It informs them whether their service provider is available or not.

Late coming

It informs customers about an upcoming appointment and notifies them when they are getting late for an appointment.


We customize the solution specific to your business needs keeping in mind the intricate aspects of operation.

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