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For Users


You can login in two ways through your contact number or email address:

  • OTP
  • Password

OnlineToken is free.

OT is completely cross-platform. It supports PCs, laptops and smartphones.

If you have used your smart phone then you will receive a notification regarding your waittime and appointment status

Yes you can create your very own favorite list of service providers that you want to visit

Send us a mail at support@onlinetoken.us

Anytime 24×7

Your appointment will get revoked after a given point set by your service provider. If you are using the mobile app, you will get a notification regarding the same.

You can cancel your appointment using mobile app or from the web app. If you have login password, then use it else login with OTP using the emaili or phone used while booking.

For Business

  • Open Chrome or Firefox browser on iPad or any Tablet. Note : Make sure your Tablet is connected to the Internet.
  • Type https://tinyurl.com/otcksk or https://portal.onlinetoken.co/kiosk?length=6
  • It will open the OnlineToken KIOSK pairing page from where you can obtain your pair code.
  • Enter pair code and pair your device
  • Type pair code on your device upon doing which you will get a pairing confirmation message

  • Login to portal: https://portal.onlinetoken.co
  • Pick the Queue Name
  • Click on Setting -> Queue -> Client Portal
  • Click on Generate QR Code and then download QR Code

  • To display waitlist or queuelist on your SmartTV
  • Click on Pair device from your Business Portal and pair your smart TV with your pairing code.

Go to settings >Custom Business Portal URL and click on “Copy”

Go to settings >General(Your queue name)>Hours>Break Hours

  • Go to Manage Queue
  • Input your queue name
  • Add users
  • Note:If you opt to clone a existing queue then you will get default queue configurations

Go to settings> Business Holidays

Go to settings where you can edit Billing, Business Info, Business Holidays and Manage queue

Yes. Reach out to us and we will help integrate our fully customizable solution with your business


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