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Government organizations are looking for eliminating citizens’ fear of long queues at public offices and creating a smooth customer journey by integrating technology and solving perplexing issues of overcrowding and delays in service delivery. The pandemic has only increased the importance of management of queues and smartly navigating the citizens for seamless resolution of their queries. Institutions also need to ensure safety of citizens such that they comply with all the regulations and restrictions successfully. For rendering smooth service delivery, it is imperative to manage staff efficiently this means finding a means to realign their wait times and notifying them on real time in regards to the status of their wait times.


Long queues and increasing citizen inflow are some of the biggest challenges that government institutions must solve. Attending citizen queries fast without compromising on the different pandemic regulations and restrictions for an effective reopening is also a challenge that they are facing. Service quality is of highest priority and to make that happen, operations must be streamlined to allow for clear work area and productive outcomes.

How it helps

  • Clears queues from different service departments  
  • Keeps citizens informed of their status by sending real time automated alerts  
  • Allows citizens to make most out of their day by minimizing disruptions 
  • Reduces the number of people per queue significantly 
  • Improves workforce productivity through waiting line status and clearer service areas

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