Appointment scheduling app for finance and banking sectors



With increasing size of banking and finance businesses, it is critical for them to cater to the high value customers on priority basis therefore more businesses are looking for alternative ways to handle all of their inbound footfalls and deliver quality customer service. They are also looking for an alternative system that can help their employees make more of their time through efficient management of their timelines’ wait time and segment them at first point of contact.


The banking industry is facing with a myriad set of challenges and one of the major challenges is queue management. This stands especially true at peak times when there is high customer inflow which makes it really difficult for them to cater to large crowds and manage flows. Increasing banking and financial institutions are also finding really difficult to balance pandemic regulations and service quality.

How it helps

  • Makes customer queue segmentation possible. 
  • Provides analytics on wait time for boosting workforce efficiency. 
  • Allows focus on service quality improvement. 
  • Helps customers make effective decisions.  
  • Reduces customers wait time considerably. 

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