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The restaurant industry is one of those industries where in there is high volume of walk ins requiring the management to administer the increasing customer influx and prioritize on quality execution. Due to the pandemic, it is quite critical for restaurants to maintain regulatory social distancing and more restaurants are looking to find a system that can allow them to manage the huge frequency of customers and their staff.

restaurant waitlist software for businesses
restaurant waitlist software for businesses


Since the restaurant industry highly competitive, it is highly critical for restaurants to find new ways to attract customers. The pandemic has also caused most of the restaurants to strictly adhere to the amount of people that occupy their spaces. Along with this, restaurants are also facing a manpower problem with the number of workers being restricted. Managing chaotic crowds especially during peak times is one of the most immediate challenges that the industry is facing.

How it helps

  • Early booking for customers 
  • Real time updates of their waiting list on their mobile phones 
  • Customers can book their space from anywhere anytime 24×7 
  • Waitlist status of all the staff  

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