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The healthcare sector is one of the fastest-growing industries contributing about 10% of the GDP of developing countries, with the global health industry spending projected to reach over $10 trillion by 2022. And with the onset of a pandemic, it is highly critical for healthcare centers, outpatient clinics, diagnostic centers to use crowd management systems that allow them to free up service areas to quickly attend to patients for quick Incident Response Times (IRTs)

hospital appointment scheduling software
hospital appointment scheduling software


Faced with the increasing challenge of high patient inflow, the healthcare industry faces a massive challenge of managing the crowd, especially in times of the pandemic wherein there is a shortage of service space and a high frequency of routine and non-routine patients. It has become paramount for them to manage them with a robust system that can handle high-pressure situations effectively. Wait time has become an immediate challenge that the healthcare industry needs to attend to across it different Points of Services (POS), with the 41% of patients evaluating health care experts based on wait time. 

How it helps

  • Convenient management of patient queues
  • Renders wait time information accurately
  • Service area management is smoothened with fewer crowds
  • Merges waitlist and appointments seamlessly in a single queue
  • Real-time reporting builds end-user trust through management efficiency boost
  • Delivers queue status on a real-time basis for each doctor in polyclinics
  • Dedicated hours, waitlist and appointments for each doctor

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