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For the education industry it is of paramount importance to reduce attrition rate and render qualitative student experience. To deliver that, institutions need to identify key areas that hinder them to deliver happy learning experience for their students. It is also equally important to integrate effective queue management system that allows students to wait anywhere they want. Enabling students to not miss any learning opportunity by enabling them to join from anywhere is what institutions are looking to achieve.


Disruptions and attrition are some of the immediate challenges that students today face. The pandemic has caused a significant impact on education industry with classes disrupted and students stranded at their homes. The world is preparing for the post pandemic phase with education institutions opening up to the new normal. It has become critical for institutions to manage student queues effectively to minimize disruptions to their learning process and help them achieve their learning goals successfully.

How it helps

  • Enables students to wait from anywhere be it there home, dorm or library 
  • Decreases attrition rates  
  •  Helps students by not letting them miss out on any learning opportunity 
  • Increases student satisfaction levels 
  • Reduces disruptions significantly by creating a direct channel for their queries

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