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International sporting events that attract a huge audience require systems that manage high crowd inflow within less time. Therefore, it is critical for companies to adopt a system that can help them manage queues for successful event management along with their workforce time such that they are able to host events more effectively. The industry is growing at a fast pace of about 15% annual growth rate and with the COVID 19 having affected it, companies require a boost their efforts to retain high net worth fans who attend their shows as VIPs.

5 people playing golf Athletes running - queue management for sports industry
5 people playing golf Athletes running – queue management for sports industry


Sporting events can be really difficult to manage without proper crowd management at place. This is because sporting companies must cater to the dual problem of fan management and engagement while preserving the compliance laid therein by the government for the COVID 19 of maintaining social distance and sanitation amidst crowds of fans who have attended at large. There is also an immediate challenge of rendering quality service to high value audience and fans who have attended to get most out of their live experience expecting safety and quality service.

How it helps

  • Real time crowd management  
  • Wait time updates to event management crew  
  • Queue management respective to attendee segmentation 
  • Render successful lead times through effective time management 
  • Helps in channeling time savings to service quality improvement  

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