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The Automotive industry is expanding fast with more and more companies joining the automotive sector every year. It is projected that the industry will witness growth of $802 billion by 2022. Due to this there is also an increased competition in the industry resulting into automotive industries finding avenues to retain customers.

car service appointment app
car service appointment app


Since there is a growing demand for maintenance and service for automobiles, enterprises need to solve immediate issues of crowd management at service automobile service centers such that they can increase their query resolution faster. Company leaders are facing increased challenges from technological change that is happening at a really fast pace. Managing the waiting time of different workers is also a challenge since there is high inflow of service queries. The automotive industry is embracing the post COVID phase as the world is adopting the new change of mandatory social distancing.

How it helps

  • Shorter wait time for customers  
  • Lets customer pick service provider based on reviews 
  • Provides real time information on wait times for customers 
  • Queue status for all service queries  
  • Boosts workers productivity through efficient wait time management 

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